Archival Storage Boxes for Documents and Records

Store your important papers, artworks, collectibles, genealogical records, documents, and any other objects that are best suited to being filed in one of our Archival Boxes. We recommend that you store these items in an archival file folder, expansion folder, flap envelope, or open-end envelope before being filed in the storage boxes that best fit your needs.

Document Boxes with File Folders and Document Box Spacer—all made of acid- and lignin-free archival materials.

Document Boxes

This style of Document Box is a familiar standard for organizing and vertically storing letter- and legal-size documents. Archival Methods’ document box features a one-piece construction with a hinged flip top to provide a safe, archival, acid- and lignin-free container for long-term storage and protection. Interior dimensions are oversized to allow for archival document spacers, and for storing items in acid-free file folders and expansion folders. Archival Methods’ document boxes are also well suited for storing and accessing thin books, pamphlets and periodicals.

Document boxes are available in three colors and letter and legal sizes.

These document boxes incorporate an undercut front panel for safe insertion and removal of documents, and allows for fast and convenient file searching without having to remove the documents or file folders. Embossed labeling areas on the box end and lid front allow you to neatly, accurately and consistently position a standard pressure-sensitive identification label or an adhesive backed label holder. They are available in letter and legal sizes, and color options include tan, gray, and black.

Document Storage Kits

Archival Methods’ all-in-one Document Storage Kits offer the highest level of content protection and file organization by allowing you to store your documents in acid-free File Folders within archival Document Boxes.

Each kit consists of a letter-size document box and a package of 50 cream-colored archival File Folders. You can select from our tan, gray or black document boxes in order to match your taste and decor, all while saving 15% off the cost of purchasing each component separately.

Document Box Spacers

Our adjustable Document Box Spacers come in packages of 5. Use them to support your files and folders when you have a document box that isn’t full.

Record Storage Boxes

Available in two designs, Archival Methods’ Record Storage Box is the archival version of a bankers box. The basic Record Storage Box has an interlocking bottom and handgrip openings on each side. The Double Bottom Record Storage Box has a double layer of cardboard on the sides and bottom for heavier loads. Both of these archival boxes assemble easily and have a removable lid. Whether you are moving items or storing documents and files for the long-term, these boxes provide both an easy means of transportation and dependable protection for your important papers and collections.

archival storage boxes
Record Storage Boxes.

Half-Sized Record Storage Carton

When you cannot fill a full-sized storage carton, or would like to have less weight per box, you may want to consider the Half-Size Record Storage Carton. While smaller than our standard records box, these convenient containers are still sized to hold either letter or legal file folders.

Archival-quality corrugated paper provides safe acid- and lignin-free storage for documents and files. Cartons have a removable shallow lid, an interlocking bottom, and convenient handgrip openings on both sides.

archival storage boxes
Half-Sized Record Storage Cartons.

Metal Edge Drop Front Boxes

Available in a range of sizes to match your document storage needs—and a number of colors to match your taste and decor—our popular 1-1/2″ and 3″ Drop Front Metal Edge Boxes feature a removable top and a bottom with a hinged “drop front’’ panel on one of the long sides. This feature “opens’’ the bottom section so that your documents can be inserted and safely removed without bending or flexing. The risk of “dog-earing’’ your materials is greatly minimized with this design. The metal edge clamps are anti-corrosion treated with a black polyester coating, and provide both rigidity and high stacking strength.

In addition to photographs, acid-free Drop Front Boxes can be used for archivally storing all kinds of important documents, files, and records.

Got a Question on Choosing the Right Archival Storage Boxes?

If you have any additional questions or would like more information on the archival storage and presentation materials that are just right for you, please contact us here at Archival Methods. We’re always there to help with any archiving, storage, or presentation questions you may have.