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Art Carry Case



Traveling with your artwork can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re heading off to a presentation or interview where you need to look your professional best. For such important moments you’ll want a clean, chic and highly polished look—and that includes your art carrying case—all while having the deep confidence that your artwork is safe in transit. Archival Methods’ Art Carry Case is the perfect solution for these moments, as it completely protects your work while simultaneously making you look sharp, professional and “put together well.”



Art Carry Case
Three sturdy easy-open / easy-close clasps ensure the safety of your artwork in transit.


Rigid Strength + Soft Protection + Elegant Presentation = Art Carry Case

The Art Carry Case is made of rigid black polypropylene with a richly textured exterior finish, while the three chromed latches offer both secure closure and quick and easy opening. Inside you’ll find 1-1/2” of convoluted foam on the interior lid surface and 6 inches of 1-1/2″ convoluted foam on each bottom corner side wall. Strength on the outside is thus in perfect balance with the nesting protection of the inside, all of which offers you a professional look and that wonderful sense of peace-of-mind that your artwork is safe, secure, and in perfect condition for that big meeting!



Art Carry Case
Handy foam blocks allow you to custom fit your portfolio boxes or matted prints.


Three Sizes for the Perfect Fit

The Art Carry Case comes in three different sizes to perfectly match your needs. Each case comes with four additional ridged foam blocks to allow you to modify the interior space to accommodate various print formats and portfolio box sizes. The convoluted foam compresses easily so it can hold boxed, matted or bagged prints, and additional foam blocks are available if you would like to customize your case for your own special needs or formats.


Art Carry Case
Three sizes tailored to meet your every transport and presentation need.
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A Case Full of Confidence

In addition to its highly professional exterior and its securely protective interior, these fine cases are also designed with easy carrying in mind. Each has a comfortable handle and an adjustable shoulder strap to ensure that the weight distribution of its contents are even. All of this was engineered into the design of the case so that you can comfortably carry your work and at the same time feel absolutely confident that your art is safe and secure. This confidence will show during your presentation, and first impressions often start the minute you walk in the door. A well-made, versatile, professional addition to any artist’s transport and presentation arsenal!


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