Accent L-Series Binder Box

The Accent L-Series Binder Box is a stylish archival binder that opens flat to offer easy access to it’s contents. Get the convenience of a 3-Ring Binder with the protection of a Portfolio Box. It is covered in the same fine linen book cloth that we use for our high quality Museum Solander Cases.

Accent L-Series Binder Box: For Practically Anything in Your Collection!

Our Accent L-Series Binder Box is perfect for all of our standard 3-Ring Binder Pages. Store photographs, postcards, 35mm slides, letters, documents, trading cards, and magazines.

Accent L-Series Binder Box: The Specs

The binder-in-a-box design of the Accent L-Series Binder Box provides a dust-free environment that will hold pages up to 11-1/4″ W x 12″ H. The box’s cover doubles as a built-in tray, which lays completely flat when open to allow easy access to your contents.

The flap-style magnetic closure provides an extra level of safety during transport and storage.

The slanted 1-1/2″ D-rings will hold 60 pages with prints.

Accent L-Series: Strong, Secure Locking Rings

binder box
Strong, secure locking D-rings are used in the Accent L-Series Binder Box.

These binder boxes have strong and secure locking rings to keep your important photographs, documents, and ephemera safe in storage and during transport.

To prevent bending the locking rings, always open the rings using both locking tabs located at the top and bottom of the ring assembly. To prevent bending the rings, do not pull the rings open if they’re locked. Always close the rings using both tabs.

Following this simple advice will allow your Accent Binder Box to give you many years of dependable service.

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