Archival Solution of the Week | Custom Mat Cutting


custom mat cutting
Custom-cut mats, expertly made to your EXACT specifications – any size, any configuration.
Boom! Done!



Archival Solution of the Week / Custom Mat Cutting




custom mat cuttingSaving time + saving money + expert archival craftsmanship = Archival Methods’ Custom Cut Mats!



So folks, just what is THIS thing:



custom mat cutting
A) a new type of air hockey table
B) a rectilinear file cabinet
C) an bluetooth pizza maker for making pizzas from your phone
D) a high-end, computerized precision mat cutter for expertly cutting YOUR mats



Well, if you picked D) a high-end, computerized mat cutter for expertly cutting YOUR mats then you win!

Your prize?

Expertly cut acid-free archival mats, of course!

Custom cut rectangular / square / round / oval / multi-window mats – you name it and we can cut it for you (and hinge it, too!).

Yup, Archival Methods is the acknowledged EXPERT (worldwide!) in the field of archival presentation and storage, yet we’re also in the business of making YOUR life easy.

Nothing proves both of these points better than our Custom Mat Cutting services – and “services” is PLURAL on purpose, as we know how to provide you with practically EVERY type of precision, perfectly cut acid-free mats – rectangular / square / round / oval / even multi-window openings.



custom mat cutting
Archival Methods’ easy-to-use Custom Mat Cutting template. Have a question? Give us a call!
(Please click on the image for more information.)



Not only that, but we make life SUPER EASY by providing you with a simple-to-use Custom Mat Cutting templates — click here for rectangular and square mats / click here for round and oval mats / click here for multi-window mats.

All you have to do is measure your piece, decide on what kind of 100% archival mat board you would like, fill in the template, and hit the “send” button – we’ll do the rest! (Just make sure you have your measurements correct – “measure twice / cut once” – as custom cut mats are non-returnable.)



custom mat cutting



Easy, quick, and designed to save you money!



custom mat cutting



Are you scratching your head regarding just where to start? Well, go straight to our Custom Mat Cutting web page, select the type of mat you would like (rectangular or square / round or oval / multi-window) and take a look at how easy we make the whole process.

Need even more detailed info? Then take a look at our insightful series of illustrated “How-To” blogs on Matting that explain EVERYTHING in clear, down-to-earth descriptions:



Part 1: Good Mats / Bad Mats – The Overall Philosophy of Matting

Part 2: Choosing the Best Colors and Mat Board Thickness for Your Piece

Part 3: Outside Measurements / Inside Window Measurements / Cropping

Part 4: “Centered” or “Weighted” Mats

Part 5: Hinging Your Mat Board

Part 6: Other Precut and Custom Mat Cutting Options and Services



custom mat cutting



As a follow-up to these detailed blogs on matting your stuff, we also have a short 3-minute video on Archival Mounting Solutions (see pix above), which will help guide you through all the steps and options involved to get your artwork, photographs, collectibles, family artifacts and everything else up on your wall or into your portfolio in no time.



custom mat cutting
Click on the image above to go straight to our illustrated blog on Mounting your artwork, photographs, collectibles and family artifacts.



Still not convinced that we’re here to easily explain EVERYTHING you need to know, then check out our a robust, detailed, illustrated blog on Mounting your artwork, photographs and collectibles (see, I told you we were the acknowledged EXPERTS in all things archival!).



custom mat cutting custom mat cutting custom mat cutting



As a quick review, go to our easy-to-navigate Custom Mat Cutting web page for the type of mat you want and…

1) fill out whichever template is right for you (rectangular or square / circular or oval / multi-window opening)

2) send it into to us online

3) we’ll program your measurements into our high-end computerized mat cutter

4) we’ll cut your mat with museum-quality exactness (and even hinge it for you!).



custom mat cutting custom mat cutting



As easy as 1-2-3 (4), your artwork, photographs, collectibles and family artifacts are ready to be mounted and then go up on the wall or into your portfolio (click here to go to our blog on our elegant Gallery 12 Wood Frames / click here to go to our blog on Portfolio Boxes, Cases and Folios).

Boom! You’re done! (Pet cat not included.)



custom mat cutting
Archival Methods can cut YOUR rectangular / square / circular / oval / and multi-window opening mats for you – all done with exhibition-quality precision and accuracy. And don’t forget – EVERYTHING is 100% acid-free and archival! (Please click on the image for more information.)





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