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Archival Solution of the Week: QPO 1000 Kit for Family Photos



Archival Methods’ QPO 1000 Kit includes a Metal Edge Short Top Box / 15 Clear File Boxes / and 25 All-Purpose Index Cards.

This convenient all-in-one kit allows you to organize your 4 x 6’’ family photos by dividing your prints into categories of your choosing, and then placing them in the 15 archival Clear File Boxes included with the kit.



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This unique design allows you to select a top image (or index print, if available) to identify the photos within each individual Clear File Box (see pix above). Once filled with your prints, the 15 Clear File Boxes are placed in an acid-free Metal Edge Short Top Box, and can be further organized with the acid-free All-Purpose Index Cards that accompany each kit.

These three archival components – 15 Clear File Boxes / Metal Edge Short Top Box / 25 All-Purpose Index Cards – provide an easy, visual way to quickly identify, organize, and retrieve up to 1005(!!!) 4 x 6″ photos per kit.







QPO 1000 Kit for Family Photos: Individual Components



family photos


Metal Edge Short Top Box

The 10½ x 6½ x 4½” high Metal Edge Short Top Box that comes with the QPO 1000 Kit is made in Archival Methods’ own on-premises manufacturing facility (right here in the USA!).

Each Short Top Box is manufactured from durable .04-thick tan acid-free / lignin-free ArchivalGrade™ smooth-finish boxboard (please click here to see our fully illustrated blog that explains everything you need to know about “acid-free” materials).

As with all of our Metal Edge Boxes, the metal corner clamps are anti-corrosion treated with a black polyester coating with a wax-free polyester finish on the blind side. These tough, workhorse clamps provide both rigidity and high stacking strength, so you can rest assured that your important prints, family photos, collectibles, and genealogy-related artifacts are ALWAYS safe and secure!




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Clear File Boxes

The 15 Clear File Boxes measure 4-1/16 x 6-1/8 x ½” deep, and are made of rigid archival polyethylene. They are designed to keep fingerprints off your 4 x 6″ family photos while allowing you to see the first image in each file, which makes organization and retrieval a snap!




family photos family photos

Acid-Free All-Purpose Index Cards

These All-Purpose Index Cards are a useful addition to many of our Metal Edge Boxes for separating and cataloging prints or other items/collectibles. They are also useful as placeholders when your contents are removed from the box. These high-quality cards are die-cut from 10-point archival card stock (about the thickness of a business card). Each card is scored on one side and on the bottom for easy trimming with regular scissors for use in smaller-size boxes, as is the case with the 10½ x 6½ x 4½” high Metal Edge Short Top Box that comes with the QPO 1000 Kit.






family photos



Yes, if you’re looking for a convenient, archivally-safe way to store up to 1,000 family photos in a single, self-contained, acid-free environment, look no further that Archival Methods’ QPO 1000 Kit. It’s the perfect solution for ALL your 4 x 6″ prints!





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