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Archival Methods’ versatile Record Storage Box is available in two designs. The first, our basic Record Storage Box, has an interlocking bottom and a handgrip opening on each side. The second, our Double Bottom Record Storage Box, has a double layer of cardboard on the sides and bottom for added rigidity and strength.

record storage box
Archival Methods’ Record Storage Box

Both of these acid-free archival boxes assemble easily, feature convenient handgrips and a removable lid, and are perfect for storing both flat and 3-dimensional artifacts and collectibles.

Storing Flat Materials and Collectibles

Archival Methods’ acid-free Record Storage Boxes are the archival alternative to a banker’s box. They are perfectly suited for safely storing and retrieving your important papers, genealogical records, letters, documents, small artworks, photographs, drawings, prints, pamphlets, magazines, comic books, or any other flat papers or collectibles that are suited to being filed in file folders or envelopes.

record storage box record storage box record storage box

When a Record Storage Box is used to store the type of flat documents, papers, or collectibles mentioned above, it is recommended that these items should first be placed in a protective enclosure such as an Archival File Folder, Expansion Folder, Flap Envelope, Open-End Envelope, an archival Polyethylene Bag, a Crystal Clear Bag or other such enclosures before being filed or stored. This provides additional layers of both archival protection and peace-of-mind.

Storing 3-Dimensional Materials and Collectibles

record storage box
A Record Storage Box is being used to safely store a collection of family photo albums, each of which is in its own archival Polyethylene Bag for an added layer of protection and security.

While specifically designed for the archival storage of records, files, letters, and documents, Record Storage Boxes have many other uses. These handy acid-free containers can also be used for the safe storage of just about any 3-dimensional objects and artifacts that you can fit inside, including 3-dimensional artworks, collectibles, family heirlooms, folded textiles, books, glassware, antique toys, photo albums, holiday ornaments, sports collectibles, large specimens, or any other objects that are suited to archival boxes with more depth or volume.

Padding a Record Storage Box with crumpled acid-free Archival Tissue, which is available in both conveniently-sized pre-cut sheets and in larger rolls, or our Shredded Archival Tissue, will help cushion your important artifacts and collectibles in storage and in transit.

ASotW 5 Record Storage Box Plane in Box

Whether you’re storing or organizing documents, files, collectibles, or 3-dimensional objects for the long-term, or for frequent day-to-day use, Archival Methods’ Record Storage Boxes provide both dependable archival protection and, with their convenient carry handles, easy shelf-accessibility and transport.

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